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Photography is my way of appreciating life. I'm a pretty average person none the less.

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Few photos of adventurespgh at the Smiling Moose on 5.13.2014

April 18th 2014

North Wall in North Shore, Pittsburgh

April 22nd 2014

Did some late night wandering downtown last night.

runforevermusic performing “Braddock Beach” at their Split release show with adventurespgh at Mr Roboto Project in Pittsburgh, PA

Vintage 1953 Fender Deluxe Tweed Combo Amp

Downtown Pittsburgh March 11th 2014

Earthquaker Oraganizer pedal

Vintage 1969 Gibson J160E Acoustic/Electric Sunburst

Vintage 1956 Martin D18 Acoustic

Belie My Burial live at The Grog Shop in Cleveland, Ohio.

Run, Forever live at Sincerity Fest 2013 and their Split release show this past week.

Path To Misery at Sincerity Fest 11/16/13

your photos are very cool. asked by allynewbold

Thank you! You made my day! Your shots are pretty killer yourself too. :)

Unit 731 at Sincerity Fest 11/16/13

Adventures at Sincerity Fest 11/16/13

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